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Testimonials for Gaia's Gardens


Hats off to Gaia's Gardens for transforming my gardens over the years! I have enjoyed working with them, as they are always so helpful, efficient, and continue to do a job well done. The excellent service and landscape expertise that they provide is something they can be proud of. Thanks so much for all your hard work, I appreciate it!


The best compliment I can give to Erin and Sarah of Gaia's Gardens is to repeat what my husband said when he arrived home after they finished the second part of the walkway-garden work on our house: "Wow, it feels as though we have been on one of those garden shows!"

While the end product was exactly what we wanted, we were equally pleased with the process of working with Erin and Sarah. They took the time to come to the house and hear what it was we were looking for and drafted a detailed garden plan and quote. What set them apart from other companies we had contacted was that they seemed genuinely interested in what they were doing and what we wanted, it wasn't just a 'job' they were going to throw together to 'fit us in'. We liked that they kept us in the loop with when they would be able to begin and complete the job. While here, all of the workers were professional and paid attention to detail (which included a thorough clean up before leaving). We feel confident in recommending Gaia's Gardens to others in the K-W area.

Tena Seguin

I am a first time customer for Gaia's Gardens and I can confidently say I would recommend them for any yard job. They were a very polite crew who worked efficiently and diligently. Our gardens look stunning and it's all thanks to Gaia's Gardens.


Ursula McCloy

I really appreciate having someone knowledgeable, reliable, and flexible to help out with the gardens. Although I love gardening, sometimes it's just too daunting to tackle a whole project myself. That's when I call Gaia's Gardens and ask for help - either for some annual maintenance tasks or major overhauls of problem areas. They do the heavy work so I can have time to do the parts that I enjoy and the gardening actually gets DONE.

Sue and Dave

We just want to thank you again for making our flower beds look new again! We really enjoyed working with both of you. Drop by in the spring sometime to see how the new plants are doing.

Dick Mattinson and Patti Wurtele

Patti and I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you for the incredible result you gave us in the installation of our new pond. I have been dreaming of this pond for over 20 years and I can't fully express how very wonderful it is to have reality turn out better than my dreams. All of our guests rave about the finished project and I am sure that it has added value to our home.

We never discussed why it was that I chose your company to work with rather than others that also quoted on the project. It is really very simple unlike the others when I sat with Erin for our initial meeting she listened to what I had to say. She genuinely cared for my opinion and needs and made lots of notes in order to be sure to have on hand a synopsis of what we were trying to achieve. Patti and I had put a lot of thought into the way we wanted the pond to look and Erin obviously understood our efforts and made sure that Gaia's Gardens would give us what we wanted. After careful consideration she made suggestions that would improve the project and we definitely wanted that but they were suggestions, she did not dictate. In each case her suggestions were on target and they were included in the final look. Patti and I were interested in the look but knew very little about the hidden infrastructure of the system. She was very careful to explain the system and each of the components and to make sure that we understood the value of them. Others that also quoted after their initial interview presented us with drawings and ideas that in no way resembled what we wanted. After dreaming for so many years it was important to both of us that the end product be what we wanted not what they wanted to provide.

Gaia's Gardens understood this and as a result were chosen for the job.

What we could not know from that initial interview was what the installation experience would be and we were very pleased with the outcome. Erin, Sarah and their staff were prompt, efficient and as important treated our home and ourselves with respect at all times. They got the work done but in a way as to not intrude on our home and privacy as little as possible. This was also very important to us as we value both very highly.

We also could not be sure about service after the installation. Again we have been very pleasantly surprised as the staff and owners of Gaia's are prompt and efficient at solving any problem that has come along. We have not experienced anything major but have the satisfaction of knowing that if we did they would be handled quickly and professionally.

Our experience with Gaia's Gardens on this project were so positive that it would be very difficult to consider anyone else for any landscape project that we may have in the future.

We unreservedly recommend Sarah and Erin, their staff and Gaia's Gardens to you for any landscape project you are considering.