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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement 

At Gaia's Gardens our focus is on your piece of nature. We dedicate our hard work, passion and creativity to finding solutions for our community's gardens.

Vision Statement

We at Gaia's Gardens strive to positively connect our community to the natural world around us by creating places of sanctuary and comfort. We believe this connection has the potential to improve the health of the individual, the community and in turn the entire living earth.

Core Values

CARE  We believe care and respect go hand in hand. We operate with these values in mind every day. We care for and respect our customers and their property, each other, ourselves, the environment, our equipment and our reputation.

INTEGRITY   We expect integrity in the workplace. We do our best to speak and act in a way that is honest and admirable. The way we conduct ourselves and our business should be a model of what we want to see in the world.

POSITIVITY   We strive to work with a positive mindset. Whether the task is big or small, exciting or daunting, we choose to search out and focus on the upside. We celebrate successes and learn from our failures.

PASSION   At Gaia's Gardens we are passionate about connecting people to nature. This passion fuels our hard work. Our dedication to our customers and delivering our best is a reflection of this passion.

CREATIVITY   At Gaia's Gardens we are rooted in creativity. We won't apologize for or be afraid to do things differently. The same can be good but different can be great!

A Bit About Gaia

Gaia's Gardens is an unusual name and provokes many questions from our friends and customers alike. Gaia (guy-yuh) originates from early Greek mythology. Gaia is the earth goddess from which most other gods originated. A loose translation would be the term mother earth. The term Gaia was revived in the 1960's when James Lovelock published his Gaia Hypothesis. In this theory, Lovelock describes the whole earth as one living system.

"Life forms of the earth in their diversity coevolve and contribute interactively to produce and sustain the optimal conditions for the growth and prosperity not of themselves, but of the larger whole, Gaia."
- James Lovelock