Complete Landscaping/Gardening Services


Garden problems? Landscape questions? Need someone to bounce ideas off of? Gaia's Gardens is here to help.


Do you need someone to look after your garden? Gaia's Gardens offers flexible maintenance plans.


Need a design for a new garden, deck, patio, pond or other landscape feature, or a redesign to bring a fresh new look? The experts at Gaia's Gardens are ready to work with you to come up with a design that suits your needs.


Have a plan in mind but need help executing? Long on ideas but short on time? Gaia's Gardens has experience renovating existing gardens, bringing new life to old patios, and creating inviting new outdoor living spaces.

Our Service Guarantee

Gaia's Gardens ensures our customers' satisfaction through good communication and frequent check-ins and by approval of the final product. We are available for any follow-up concerns and we are committed to leaving your property green and tidy.